Nicholas Samartis

about the artist:

Award winning international artist Nicholas Samartis works across several mediums including; photography, sculpture, and installations, and is also known for his images in American Vogue .

He has worked with many of the globe’s prestigious brands and clients including U.S Conde Nast, The New York Metropolitan Opera and during a 10-year tenure with American Vogue worked with some of the world’s most notable icons including; Keira Knightley, Jeff Koons, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Hutton, and for Warner Music, undertaking assignments photographing music superstars Prince, Tom Petty, Billy Joel and James Taylor among others. He has also directed commercials, most notably for Christian Dior.

Samartis has also been awarded the highest photographic accolade, ‘The ‘Pinnacle Award’ at The Australian Design Biennale. He was featured in the Australian edition of Masters of Photography in 2015, and was one of the 2016 finalists for the National Portrait Prize at The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, and also a finalist for painting in the Paddington Art Prize. His work, at one time had also been selected and exhibited in a group show along with Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol also at the Olsen Gallery his work was selected and appeared in a show featuring Dale Frank and John Olsen.

In December 2021, Samartis was selected out of hundreds of applicants to exhibit at the inaugural show, opening the newly minted, Woollahra Gallery (formerly Redleaf Library) in a group show along with 3 other Australian leading artists.

In March 2022, Samartis was announced as the recipient of the prestigious Andrea Stretton Award for sculpture.

American Vogue’s Photo Director Ivan Shaw says, “Nicholas Samartis’ work fits seamlessly in the tradition of the great artists. His work upholds classic traditions while at the same time express a modernity that makes them truly of the moment”.